Beautiful Roads of Namma Mysuru

Mysuru City is truly blessed to have great road connectivity not only with its neighbouring cities, but with all the neighbouring states as well. The city has radial and gridiron pattern road network with arterial roads originating from the city centre. Palace is the focal point of origin of all arterial roads running radially to outer areas of the city. The city has 5 main arterial roads, which are also the State & National Highways. These important entry and exit routes of Mysuru are;

  • Mysuru – Bengaluru and Ooty
  • Mysuru – Bannur and Kanakapura
  • Mysuru – Hunsur and Mangaluru
  • Mysuru – Heggadadevana Kote and Manantvady

Not just the highways, even the city roads are well kept and maintained annually, thanks to the world famous Mysuru Dasara festival.

Outer Ring Road

The total road network in the city was 335 kilometers in 1971. It increased to 432 kilometers in 1981, which accounts for 29% of increase over a decade. There are 48 main roads in the city covering a total length of around 58 kms. As on 2001, the total length of all types of roads was about 1773 km. This figure might go up to to approximately 2500 km in 2021, due to the creation of Bruhat Mysuru, incorporating Hootagalli CMC, Bogadi, Srirampura, Kadakola & Rammanahalli TPs

Road in a Private layout, located in Varuna, 5 KM from ORR, on T-Narasipura Road

The road network of the city includes three ring roads viz. outer ring road, intermediate ring road and inner ring road and also arterials roads, sub-arterial roads, collector roads and others. The three ring roads not only collect traffic from other roads but also act as by-pass roads at their respective locations in order to avoid congestion especially at the core of the city. The 3 ring roads are;

  • Outer Ring Road
  • Intermediate Ring Road
  • Inner Ring Road

Outer Ring Road

Outer Ring Road (ORR) around Mysore City was conceived to divert the traffic from the city area, which are crossing through the city and minimize the congestion within the city. The entire length of ORR takes off from Bangalore – Mysore Road and circumferences Mysore City on the western side crossing KRS Road, Hunsur Road, Bogadi Road, HD Kote Road and joins the Ooty Road near the Regulated Market; and in the eastern side crossing Bannur Road and joins Mahadevpura Road.

Outer Ring Road

ORR is a 45 metre wide, 8 lane road with 6 lane major carriageway and 2 single lane service roads on either sides. ORR was constructed by MUDA as a 2 lane road initially and converted to the present 8 lane expressway with the central aid of ₹256 crores, under JNNURM project.

Outer Ring Road

As of now, ORR has been handed over to National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) and is currently being upgraded to NHAI standards with an additional aid of ₹140 crores.

Outer Ring Road Upgradation Work in Progress

Intermediate Ring Road

Bogadi Road, which cuts across Manasa Gangotri Campus of Mysore University.

The Intermediate Ring Road is not a new alignment. The Intermediate Ring Road starts from new Kantharaja Urs road, passes through Vishwamanava Double Road, Bogadi Road, Open Air theatre Road, Hunsur Road and Gokulam Road.

Vishwamanava Double Road

This road then continues through Manjunathapura, in front of Ideal Jawa up to Highway Circle and then passes through Bannimanatapa, old Bangalore – Mysore Road, Hyderali road, Karanji Tank Bund Road, Race Course road, Bangalore – Nilgiri Road, J.L.B Road to join Kantharaja Urs road.

Kantharaja Urs Road

Inner Ring Road

Chamaraja Double Road, which houses the world famous Amba Vilasa (Mysore) Palace

The inner ring road is also not a new road but its alignment is proposed along the existing roads and the width is proposed to be widened to 30 m. The inner ring road starts from Sawday Road and passes through Bangalore-Nilgiri Road, Chamaraja Double road, J.L.B Road, Shesadri Iyer road and then joins Sawday Road.

JLB Road
KR Circle – Heart of Mysuru City

Major Roads in the City

Mysuru City is famous for its wide stretch of roads. There are 10s of Kilometres of beautifully maintained avenues that attract tourist alike. Some of the very important road stretches are showcased here.

D Devaraja Urs (DD URS) Road
DD Urs Road

D. Devaraj Urs Road is the most prominent shopping street of Mysore city in Karnataka state, India. This street is also the center of the downtown or the Central business district area in the city. In post office parlance, Devaraj Urs road is known as Mysore One.

Devaraja Urs Road during a busy night

Sayyaji Rao Road
Sayyaji Rao Road, before white-toping

Sayyaji Rao Road is popularly known as Rajamarga, since the Jamboo Savaari Procession on the tenth day of Dasara festival happens on this road. Sayyaji Rao Road is a very Important commercial road of Mysuru City and even in terms of heritage, it houses major landmark monuments like Devaraja Market, Lansdowne Market, Samskuta Pathashala, Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Arts (CAVA), Krishna Rajendra Hospital, Central Library of Mysuru, Government Ayurvedic College, etc.

Sayyaji Rao Road, from KR Circle till Ayurveda College

Sayyaji Rao Road is the most important road for Mysureans both in terms of culture & heritage. In fact, this road is a matter of pride for any Mysurean.

Irwin Road
Irwin Road, opposite Cheluvamba Hospital

Irwin Road is also a very important road in Mysuru City. It starts from Mysuru Railway Station, runs through Nehru Circle and ends at Mysore Gate, next to KSRTC sub-urban bus stand. It consists of important landmarks of the city such as Jamia Masjid, Central Library, Divisional head quarters of Mysuru Railway Zone, etc.

Jamia Masjid, which will lose its beautiful minarets after widening of Irwin Road

Lord Irwin was the chief architect of the world famous Mysore Palace, and this road is named after him to honour his exemplary service for the then princely state of Mysore.

The stretch of Irwin road between Ayurveda College circle till Nehru Circle was very narrow, and witnessed frequent traffic jams. Hence, a project to widen the road by demolishing the structures built along it was conceptualised and the work is now in progress.

Newly Widened Irwin Road

Albert Victor Road
Albert Victor Road, part of Raja Marga

Albert Victor road is the epitome of Mysuru’s heritage, as it hosts all the major structures one thinks of, when it comes to Mysuru. The Mysore Palace, Jayachamaraja Wadiyar Circle, Chamarajendra Wadiyar Circle, Nalwadi Krishna Raja Circle, Silver Jubilee Clock Tower, Curzon Park, Rangacharlu memorial Townhall, all are situated on this beautiful concrete 4 lane road, which connects Harding’s Circle with Devaraja Urs Road.

Krishna Raja Boulevard
Krishnaraja Boulevard

Krishnaraja Boulevard is is an important road located on the southern side of Mysore between Saraswathipuram and Ballal Circle.

Oriental Research Institute
Old District Commissioner’s Office

This double road is dotted with many historic buildings like the Oriental Research Institute, Maharaja’s College, Deputy Commissioner’s Office, the District Court Complex, Urs Boarding School, College of Architecture, Yuvaraja’s College and the Crawford Hall. This single road stretch alone adds great historic value to the city of Mysuru & its rich heritage.

Crawford Hall – Administrative Building of UOM lit-up during Dasara festival.

Mysuru is blessed with many more beautiful roads, each of which have a story to tell. When you visit our city, please pay attention to these roads as well, along with other heritage structures. Each road will mesmerise you with its own heritage!

Photo Gallery

Video Gallery
Hakka-Bukka Grade Seperator, Mysore’s first flyover situated on NH 275 – Hunsur Road
Work in progress – 10 lane NH 275 between Bengaluru & Mysuru
Time lapse – NH 275 from Periyapatna to Hunsur
Time lapse – Picturesque Chamundi Hills Road
Time Lapse – Mysuru-Nanjangud road, connecting the city centre with Mysuru Airport


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