Bengaluru & Mysuru – Future Twin Cities?

Mysuru & Bengaluru, in my opinion have huge potential to be developed on the lines of twin cities for all practical purposes. Both the cities are well connected through Road, Rail & Air, both cities enjoy good weather, both cities comprises of similar demographics, both cities offer similar living conditions and both cities are recognised through out the country & beyond, for various reasons. Here is my analysis on why Bengaluru – Mysuru Twin Cities is an important step for Karnataka to expand its horizon in terms of urban infrastructure.


Ambedkar Veedi, Opposite Vidhana Soudha, Bengaluru

For any 2 cities to be called as twins, the foremost criterion is the distance between them. Bengaluru & Mysuru are 117 KMS apart and demand close to 2.0 hours of travel time. This distance may not be ideal to call both cities as twin, but given today’s technological advances in transport sector, steps are being taken to reduce the travel time to less than 90 mins by road. Also, both cities enjoy multiple modes of transport which has enabled thousand of commuters to travel between Bengaluru & Mysuru on a daily basis.


Bangalore – Mysore Infrastructure Corridor

A Billion dollar project – 10 lane “Bengaluru Mysuru Expressway” is under construction which will reduce the travel time to under 90 mins. Mysuru will be just an hour away once the expressway opens in September 2022. There is also another “Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor” – a multi million dollar 4 lane expressway project ongoing, which aims to build 5 townships along the highway. Both the cities are also connected through NH 948 & SH 33, whose 4 laning is proposed.

There are 22+ daily trains commuting between both the cities daily. The newly started MEMU will be a big booster to rail transport between the cities. The newly sanctioned Naganahalli Satellite Railway terminal will allow more trains to operate and there is also a bullet train project underway, which will reduce the travel time to just 30 mins.

Mysuru has daily flights to KIAL, along with 5 other major cities of the country. Also, for all practical purposes, there is a direct Volvo multi-axel shuttle bus service from Mysuru to KIAL, multiple times daily. Mysuru Airport expansion is ongoing and soon, It is bound to get more flight connectivity with Bengaluru & other cities.


Outer Ring Road, Mysuru

Mysuru is the second largest city in Karnataka and also, the fastest growing city after Bengaluru. It is also very well developed with world class amenities & infrastructure. Mysuru is Karnataka’s only city after Bengaluru to own & operate an eight lane Outer Ring Road. Mysuru is also second city after Bengaluru to have Inland Container Depot & first city with Multi Modal Logistics Park. Mysuru is also India’s top tourist destination and because of this, it has a cosmopolitan culture which matches that of Bengaluru. The city is very clean and enjoys good weather. It is also well maintained throughout the year.


Illuminated Mysore Palace

If there is any city in Karnataka apart from Bengaluru that is readily recognised outside the state & country, it is Mysuru. The city is home to a range of products branded on its name & most of them are world famous. Hence, one need not have to invest much to brand Mysuru as a global city.


Mysuru Dasara Procession

Mysuru is world famous for its heritage & culture. Mysuru is India’s top tourist spot which boasts of close to 100 tourist places within 60 KM. World famous cuisine, artefacts and fine arts have elevated the city’s name internationally. Bengaluru on the other hand, is the driver of Karnataka’s economy. It is the IT hub of India and popularly called as India’s Silicon Valley. Bengaluru is the world’s 4th largest R&D hub and the largest exporter of IT&ES in the country.

Bengaluru is fast paced, work-focused & career oriented. Mysuru is slow paced, calm & serene, laid-back & recreating. Hence, Mysuru – Bengaluru as twin cities, offer a good work – life balance to the residents in a way that no other twin cities in the country does.

Both Bengaluru & Mysuru are well known throughout the world, but for different reasons. By combining these world famous brands together, we have the potential to attract huge investments & co develop both cities sustainable.


Bengaluru is saturating in terms of land, population & jobs. Karnataka needs a new popular face to accommodate the influx of opportunities due to its increasing growth. The next best option for any organisation/ company/ business to set up its factory/ outlet/ centre beyond Bengaluru is Mysuru. Thus, by projecting Mysuru – Bengaluru as twin cities, we can attract high end investments away from Bengaluru to Mysuru. Mysuru is also home to 12 technical & engineering colleges, 2 medical colleges, 4 universities, 5 central institutes, 7 industrial estates & areas, fully functioning Software Technology Parks of India, world’s largest corporate university, and stands as the second largest IT exporter of the state.


Mysuru is bound to see influx of business & people in the next few years. Whether portrayed as twin to Bengaluru or not, Mysuru has the potential to grow into a metropolis. But, by projecting Bengaluru – Mysuru as twin cities, Mysuru may see exponential growth, which may be a bit too much for today’s city to handle. The city’s local government bodies may have to be upgraded to handle sudden growth which demands huge capital. It is not advisable to invest heavily on one region alone, with multiple cities like Mangaluru, Hubballi-Dharawada, Kalaburgi & Belagavi demand development as well.


“Bengaluru – Mysuru Twin City” is a billion dollar opportunity which has the potential to change the economy of entire Karnataka state & push us in the path of prosperity. But, like any project, this too must be designed with vision & executed with passion. Mysuru’s core identity of “heritage & cultural capital of Karnataka” must be preserved an promoted by protecting the inner city as-it-is & building satellite townships away from the old city. With proper planning & execution, BMTC – Bengaluru Mysuru Twin Cities will elevate the economies of the entire old Mysore region comprising of 5 districts, namely; Mandya, Ramanagar, Kodagu, Chamarajanagar & Bengaluru Rural.

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