Bruhat Mysuru Mahanagara Palike

Bruhat Mysuru Mahanagara Palike

Bruhat Mysuru or Greater Mysuru is the urban Agglomeration of Mysuru Metropolitan Area, comprising of 41 villages surrounding the current Mysuru City. Presently, the jurisdiction of MCC stretches across a total of 128 sq km inside the Outer Ring Road. Several areas have witnessed development in the recent past that are outside the Outer Ring Road, which are not within the geographic purview of MCC. Hence, there is a long pending proposal to include all the MUDA & Private layouts, along with the urbanised villages surrounding the city boundary, and create ‘Bruhat Mysuru Mahanagara Palike.’

There is also a “Bruhat Mysuru World City Project” (BMWCP) which is being planned to be fully operational by 2030 as a parallel city covering Belavadi to Periyapatna and dedicated to Health Tourism, Tele Health Hub, Smart Education and Tele-School Hub, National Expo City and Conference Hub. For such huge projects to materialise, Mysuru Urban Agglomeration should have a single civic body governing the boundaries of the city.

Mysuru City Corporation
Mysuru City Corporation Lit Up During Night

We should learn from the Bengaluru experience and see that Mysuru does not go the Bengaluru way but grows responsibly protecting the nature, culture and agrarian economy as it grows.

Mysuru City Outskirts along ORR

The boundary of Mysuru City Corporation was earlier fixed on October 18, 1995, according to Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act 1976. Even after 25 years of drawing the boundary, its limits haven’t been revised. The city is growing by leaps and bounds, forcing the civic body to attend to the needs of localities situated near its boundary. The irony is, though the corporation is not generating any revenue for the services offered, it is catering to them for being near to contour.

Traffic in Outer Ring Road

Here is the list of all the villages which have semi-urban outgrowths, that need to be added under Bruhat Mysuru Mahanagara Palike, along with their area in hectares.

  • Hinkal (755 hectares)
  • Hootagalli (344)
  • Kergalli (817.69)
  • Shyadanahalli (353.50)
  • Bogadi (785 h)
  • Mantikyatanahalli (384.38)
  • Bandipalya (250.77)
  • Yandalli (336.61)
  • Lalitadripura (413.24)
  • Hanchya (961.08)
  • Rammanahalli (576.53)
  • Metagalli (330.36)
  • Srirampura (586.63)
  • Belavaththa (630.00)
  • Alanahalli (405.00)
  • Nadanahalli (254.05)
  • Dattagalli (509.00)
  • Hebbal (1224.69)
  • Chamundi Hill (573.27)
  • Lingambudi (337.48)
  • Kesare (998.14)
  • Madagalli (334.72)
  • Koorgalli (688.92)
  • S Uttanahalli (581.61)
  • Belavadi (719.15)
  • Satagalli (967.53)
  • Mandakalli (835.34)
  • Hosahundi (213.43)
  • Chikkahalli (268.03)
  • Choranahalli (226.11)
  • Basavanahalli (441.39)
  • Gudumadanahalli (179.71)
  • Haalalu (223.17)
  • Gohalli (148.71)
  • Yadahalli (297.70)
  • Chowdahalli (263.14)
  • Bhugatahalli (403.39)
  • Gorur (364.55)
  • Kuppalur (176.44)
  • Mysore rural (58.81)
  • Kurubarahalli (640.08)
Traffic is on a rise in Mysuru day-by-day

If all the above 41 villages are merged with Mysuru City Corporation & Bruhat Mysuru Mahanagara Palike is created, the population of Mysuru City would increase to approximately 18 lakhs and the total area of Mysuru City would swell close to 288 sq km. This will make Mysuru a metropolitan city, 2nd of its kind in Karnataka only after Bengaluru. Mysuru City is already the largest non-metropolitan tier 2 city in the country, with a population of 9,90,990 as per 2011 census.

Formation of New City Municipal Council & Town Panchayats

Mysuru City Outgrowths Along the Majestic ORR

The Mysuru-Kodagu MP Sri Pratap Simha along with Ex Minister & MLA Sri G T Devegowda have been extensively lobbying with the state government for the creation of Bruhat Mysuru Mahanagara Palike. But the current Mysore City Corporation opposed the move and refused to include any villages into their jurisdiction. So, the MLA-MP duo went ahead and gave a head shot to the non performing and unprogressive Mysore City Corporation, and persuaded the state government to create 1 new City Municipal Council (CMC) and four new Town Panchayats to govern the city outskirts, officially increasing the area of Mysuru City to 286.05 sq km.

Hootagalli CMC

Hakka Bukka flyover on Hinkal – ORR Junction, which is the entry point to the newly formed Hootagalli CMC

Newly created Hootagalli CMC comprises of Hootagalli, Koorgalli, Hinkal & Belavadi Gram Panchayats along with Hebbal Industrial Area and other minor areas, totally covering a span of 28.48 sq km. All these areas have become extensively urbanised since 2011, due to rapid industrialisation.

Bogadi Town Panchayat

Bogadi Town Panchayat comprises all villages coming under Bogadi GP; Jattihundi and Maratikyathanahalli villages of Maratikyathanahalli GP; Kergalli of Beerihundi GP; And Basavanahalli, Madagalli and K. Hemmanahalli villages of Belavadi GP covering a total area of 32.35 sq. kms.

Srirampura Town Panchayat

Srirampura Town Panchayat comprises of Srirampura, Lingambudhipalya, Gurur, Koppalur and Kalalavadi villages coming under Srirampura GP, covering a total area of 17.99 sq. kms.

Rammanahalli Town Panchayat

Rammanahalli Town Panchayat covers Rammanahalli GP villages, Nadanahalli and Alanahalli (outside of Ring Road) of Alanahalli GP, Hanchya and Sathagalli villages of Hanchya GP, covering a total area of 22.81 sq. kms.

Kadakola Town Panchayat

Kadakola Town Panchayat comprises of Kadakola and Mandakalli villages coming under Kadakola GP; Bandipalya, Gudumadanahalli, S. Uttanahalli and Hosahundi villages coming under Hosahundi GP; Marase and Madaragalli villages coming under Devalapura GP; K.M. Hundi, K.N. Hundi, Gejjagalli and Yeligehundi villages, covering a total area of 34.71 sq. kms.

With the creation of 1 CMC & 4 TPs, Mysuru City limit has increased to 286.05 sq km. The next move should naturally be to merge all these individual Urban Local Bodies with Mysuru City Corporation to create Bruhat Mysuru Mahanagara Palike.

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